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We have a huge selection of video tutorials which you can download and learn the secrets to great magic tricks! Check out the top 10 pub magic tricks. Enjoy!

From one hand to the other, teleportation is a very visual trick you can learn today! Rated as the best trick on the site. This is a flawless magic trick for all levels!
Make a bottle of water appear on a table. Table H2O magic! A mentalism effect for all levels. Works well at home, in the bar or at school.
Watch the head of Super Jon fall off in this great effect. Make an impact now! 2 bank notes are cut and then restored. Simple idea but one of the hottest tricks ever!
A double pen vanish that is very visual. Watch and see if you can figure it out. A twist on the spoon bend trick . . really there is a TWIST!
Cap into a glass bottle. How is this done? Looks impressive! The Rubiks cube is the great puzzle ever made! Now learn to solve it in the air!
Senseology is Lees latest mentalism system. Become a master of it today! It really looks like it is alive, a great table magic trick for parties.

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