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 ALR magic trick - $16.95

ALR (Almost Like Real) Magic Trick. Lee sent this trick in and told me it was the best card trick ever. I loaded it up and he is right, holy $%&#! This is very impressive. I watched the video over and over again and could not work this one out. I had to watch the tutorial as it was driving me mad! Watch this one and I am sure you will feel the same. Usually card tricks are dull and boring but not any more, I have a feeling this will be one of the biggest tricks on the site.

The tutorial explains how to perform this trick and ideas to get the most from it. There is a gimmick needed and Lee explains this in detail, once again the gimmick can be made at home. There are some restrictions to the performance location but we cannot say any more with out exposing the trick. The trick is quite easy to perform so after the gimmick is made I think 30 minutes of practice and then you will be the master of one of the best card tricks in the world! Be one of the few to know the secret!

This trick is suitable for intermediates.


  • The tutorial tells you everything
  • Gimmicks can be homemade
  • No magic stores needed!
  • Keep tutorial on your computer
  • Works on PC / Mac / Linux
  • Choose WMV or MPEG format
  • Instant download
  • No waiting
  • Secure payments

  • download and own this website for free

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