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This is a great trick; this really impressed me when Lee sent this clip to the site. Two dollars bills are placed together and the spectator cuts then down the middle and then are restored! This is the critical part; I can tell you that the notes are really cut right down the middle. There is no slight of hand as the notes are really cut. The spectator would bet for sure that they have been cut. Then they are unfolded and are back together!

The tutorial is up to Lees excellent standard and explains in detail how to perform this trick. You will need a couple of household items, which costs only a few dollars. If you plan to use this at school or in a professional show it will impress. I bet when you watched the video you tried to look for a slight of hand move which folded the bills in away that they do not get cut. Well keep watching; you know you are going to buy this one!

This trick is suitable for all levels.


  • The tutorial tells you everything
  • Gimmicks can be homemade
  • No magic stores needed!
  • Keep tutorial on your computer
  • Works on PC / Mac / Linux
  • Choose WMV or MPEG format
  • Instant download
  • No waiting
  • Secure payments

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