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Easy money! Why work for a living when you can change the value of a borrowed bank note? Of course this is a trick but what a great trick to show people in a bar when you are out with your friends.

When it is your turn to by the drinks, borrow 1 dollar from a friend, turn it into a 50 and then buy everyone a drink. You will be the star of the bar!

The tutorial explains in detail everything you need to know to master this slick trick. Grab the solution video now and perform to your mates tonight.

This trick is suitable for intermediates.


  • The tutorial tells you everything
  • Gimmicks can be homemade
  • No magic stores needed!
  • Keep tutorial on your computer
  • Works on PC / Mac / Linux
  • Choose WMV or MPEG format
  • Instant download
  • No waiting
  • Secure payments

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